Here Are Some Signs a Shower Door Replacement is Needed

Someone mentioned to me in passing that it might be time for me to replace my shower door. I wasn’t sure what that meant, so I asked and was told “It just feels like it needs to be replaced.” I did what most people would do and over think that statement and try to figure out what it meant. Turns out, they were right. I was in desperate need of a shower door replacement in NJ!

There are so many different factors in if you need a shower door replacement. So many signs that, I admit, I failed to take seriously or even see. One of the most obvious signs that the door needs to be replaced is when it starts sticking or becomes hard to close. A lot of times, this could just be a sealing issue and that needs to be replaced. However, a lot of times it is a sign of something more serious going on. It’s often the sign that the framing is an issue and has either cracked or split from the door and needs to be changed. Framing is what is going to keep the door in place and having it cracked or split is such a disaster in the making!

Another sign is that there are splints or cracks in the glass of the door. Some may be large and obvious to see, others are just hairline cracks that aren’t as noticeable. Either way, these are a cause for concern as they can get worse and end up splitting and cracking all the way through the glass in the door. That could cause a huge shattering of the glass and be very dangerous of a situation.

One last issue, which might be the most obvious, is that there is leaking on the floor. A door that allows puddling or pooling of water is a door that has a bad seal or needs to be replaced. Sometimes it’s just a simple fix, sometimes it’s something more serious. When you see water on the shower on the floor, you need to immediately resolve that issue.

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