How to Boost Absorption Rates of Curcumin


It is tempting to start sprinkling turmeric in everything you eat once you realize its health benefits. But there is a catch; the body’s natural system poorly absorbs curcumin (the active compound in Curcuma rhizomes). It’s poor biodistribution, bioavailability, metabolism, and aqueous solubility have hampred it’s acceptance into medical society. But all that is about to change with the arrival of Pharma Grade compounds such as Volt 03 from Nutent Therapeutics.

Whether you are after an enhanced memory, reduced cancer advancement, or improved immunity turmeric is an excellent idea but not sole or raw. You could take tons of this magical herb and still not derive any benefits. The good news is that we have some ways to help you increase body uptake of curcumin.

Stick around and read through to have a better experience with Curcuma rhizome extract.

1.    Spice it with some pepper

It can never get better than this if you are a pepper lover. You can have two of your spices in one dish, and they complement. Black pepper contains a compound called piperine which increases the solubility of cyclodextrin. Consequently, their absorbability is enhanced.

According to Cancer Research Treatment, piperine improves the bioavailability of curcumin by up to 2000%!

The two compounds are friendly to your body and no side effects. Curcumin also stays longer in the system when co-administered with pepper extract allowing more time for absorption.

2.    Heat the compound

Heat is a natural remedy to boost absorption of curcumin. High temperatures improve the solubility of the turmeric by up to 12 times. Increasing solubility of the compound directly enhances its bioavailability. That is why it is always recommendable to take turmeric in hot or warm milk.

3.    Add some fat

Cyclodextrins are soluble in fats. Not a pass to take it with fries or deep-fried chicken but you can do it with healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, or corn oil. Turmeric extract does not readily penetrate through the walls of the alimentary canal, but fats enhance the process. This is the idea behind golden lattes. You can make a paste by mixing coconut oil, black pepper, and turmeric for optimum absorption of these superfoods.

4.    Add quercetin compound

Turmeric goes well with several foods and apples, onions, citrus, and grapes are no exception. The foods contain a vital compound that inhibits a compound called sulfotransferase that renders curcumin inactive in the body. You have several options to enhance the rate of absorption of turmeric extract and also try out various tastes.

5.    Ready-made curcumin

There are several turmeric products manufactured from a mixture of Curcuma rhizomes and its absorption enhancers. It could be pills with piperine or quercetin compounds which are ideal for the process.

However, it is advisable to seek the advice of a health physician due to the high number of substandard or counterfeit products. Some manufacturers are only after your bucks without minding your health.

6.  Cyclodextrin-complexed curcumin

Cyclodextrin-complexed curcumin has shown to have anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative activities that are far beyond natural Currcumin alone, through far superior cellular uptake.

VOLT03 is a new arrival on the market as is the only pharmaceutical-grade complexed curcumin. VOLT03 has had head-to-head comparison tests. Also tested were natural curcumin and an approved prescription anti-inflammatory product (indomethacin) . The results in favor of VOLT03 were emphatic.

Curcumin is an excellent extract but requires some activation by other compounds to release its maximum benefits. Consider some of these ideas, and you will see positive results, and we live a more healthy life.